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Steve Duke, born in Leipzig found out at an early stage that music is going to play a significant role in his life. Not only that in the beginning of the 90’s the first Undergroundclub, the BASIS, has opened up in Leipzig that made sure that another type of music is being created, which left an profound impression on the young Steve. At that time probably too early to become what he is right now, but still crazy enough to get the much sought-after BASIS-tapes and to get inspired of these styles. But his time should come and in the year 1998 he bought 2 record players and then it happened what should happen, the addiction to music never let him go. His weakness for electronic music, his first impact of techno and acid and the always developing further and new music styles finally made sure that the Disco- and Vocalhouse but also the Minimal/Techhouse are going to be his style. His talent, the sensitiveness for music and the art of mixing was being recognized and after the first small (private) performances the first booking in different Clubs/at events and parties in the middle of Germany came around, like Distillery Leipzig, Rohtabak Döbeln, Shoot-Club Delitzsch, Concord Club Waldheim, AchterMai Chemnitz, Luxx-Club Leipzig. In 2004 he became part of the Relamé Events and he is one of the artists of the Nightwalker Booking and became resident of the Lagerhof. Not only the clubs came on attention of Steve Duke also different radio stations like XFM Radio Amsterdam, Gong FM Regensburg, Sputnik X-Dream-Nights, Sputnik Lounge, Radio Corax and Radio Blau Leipzig booked him for live sets and interviews. In addition he supported some fund-raisers e.g. Electric Starnight at the Potsdamer Waschhaus. Since 2006 Steve Duke is artist of the booking agency in Leipzig, called Compact Sounds. Quickly his name became known nationwide and he played in lots of clubs and radio stations as well as in Germany, Poland, Turkey and Tunisia or even at the Streetparade in Zurich. In the year 2010 Steve Duke became resident of the club 2UG. There he played with a lots of friends and colleagues, if DJ or producer, from the music scene like Stephan Bodzin, Chris Tietjen, Heinrichs&Hirtenfellner, Format B:, Tom Clark, Channel X, Falk Bachert, Marc DePulse, Jaxson or Julia Lautner, just to mention some of them. The name Steve Duke is not anymore unknown and you can be sure that Steve Duke has the intention to do more and it is not going to be quiet for a while around him!