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Katja Rick alias Fengari as Djane and producer to describe, is much inadequate. It is more appropriate to talk from a media activist, characterizes the dynamic blonde the cultural life in Berlin in many different function anyway. As one´s main occupation at the turntables and in the studio at home, she makes promotion for Hells Gigolo-Records, writes for different magazines, keep up her passion for classical dance theatre and make also as science author a good figure. Fengari grows up in Rostock, where she already comes with music in touch early. Her father, a techic freak and discjockey, inspires also his own daughter with his passion. Early on Fengari discovers Hip Hop and New Wave for herself and she stands over her father by technican bricolages. The late eighties it emerges more and more, that she wants become a classical dancer or prima ballerina. From 1989 to 1992 Katja Rick therefore daily practice several hours at the national opeara ballet school in Leipzig. Back in Rostock, she first studies jurisprudence, but soon she changes to Leipzig again, where she registers for communication-, media- and theatre sciences and with increasing frequency she stands at the turntables. In the Distillery she gets a residency, works further as dramatic advisor and DJane at the Leipziger theatre and she blossoms out to one of the popular DJanes of East Germany. 2001 Fengari moves to Berlin and works at the Komischen Oper, promotes the dance spectacle Borderline, a work by Mathew Herbert, and she publishs on Spielwiese her first tracks, which ranges itselves between melodic Synthie-Pop and club Tech-House. Furthermore Fengari is on camera in a documentation by the WDR together with Miss Yeti. 2002 she is a godparent to her band Brotherhood and Fengari, whose first album "Delicious Soundsurfing" comes out in Januar 2005 and it offers Techno-Pop á la 2Raumwohnung. Releases on Aspekt Records: Aspekt 08, Aspekt 010.